" January 2019, is where my journey in the skincare world begun. I currently have my own beauty and skin salon named BH House Of Beauty. After years of trying to fit in with the "beauty trends" by offering your typical beauty salon services, i came to the realisation that skin is my passion. I began researching, reading different skincare books, training in advanced treatments - id do anything to expand my knowledge. & this is something i still continue to do. March 2020, the world found themselves in a pandemic. My business was forced to close. This is where the idea of . THREE SKIN was formed. Myself along with the help of my partner, decided the time was right to take a risk and try create a product of our very own. With myself already working in the skin industry, i wanted to start by creating a product everyone should be using daily, something i could use on my clients in the studio, & in my opinion is the most important skincare product. It really is a crazy feeling knowing we have worked so hard and have a product that is 100% our own. We are so blessed and grateful for the opportunity to make this new adventure a success. Here's to the future of .THREE SKIN."